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About Cassie Fetto

Cassandra "Cassie" Fetto was born in Orange County, CA on May 15, 1996 to Tamara (Hathaway) and Philip Fetto. Cassie spent her childhood surround by a large Italian family and was practically raised by her grandparents, Angelo and Donnette. She was fascinated with movies and originally wanted to be the star in them as an actor. As she grew older, she developed a skill for editing and eventually became a freelance music video editor. She studied filmmaking and editing at Orange Coast Community College from 2014-2018. There, she earned her certifications in Avid and Pro Tools, as well as earn a certificate in Film Studies. After taking a couple of years off to earn money in the service industry, Cassie decided to apply to New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, CA in the year of 2020, during the Covid lockdown. She likes to give credit to Steven Spielberg's documentary on HBO (Spielberg) as her motivation for applying.
After a year at school, Cassie decided editing was no longer her calling, but Writing and Directing. She developed a new found love for the craft and has Directed and Assistant Directed up to over fifteen films during her time at New York Film Academy.

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